“SPA-CIFICS” What’s hot in hot tubs

As featured in Home Spotlight, Volume 7, Issuer 13, July 2003
Article reprinted courtesy and with the permission of Specialty Communication and Hometown Communications Network.

Ah, spas —- relaxing, soothing, romantic, fun. “The home spa is a quiet spot to get away from everyday things,” says Keith Wingfield of Tradewinds Spas in Utica and Novi. “It offers the chance to spend a few minutes without a newspaper or TV, It draws couples and families together; it’s relationship enhancing.

“And,” he adds, “there’s a great ambience on a snowy night in December to be sitting in a spa.”

A spa can be thought of as an investment in good health. Not only does it provide relief of tension, spa hydrotherapy is recommended for people with arthritis and rheumatism.

“We’re not saying it will heal,” Wingfield says, “but it offers health benefits as well as fun and enjoyment.”

Relaxing in your own spa is definitely a stress-buster. And even though there are many models and options from which to choose, buying a spa shouldn’t be nerve-racking. Simply remember a few guidelines while wading through the choices.

First, Wingfield emphasizes the importance of choosing a product from a manufacturer with established credentials and a reputable dealer.

As for the spa itself, He says, “Full foam filling the inner structure is very vital. Quality insulation means energy efficiency. This makes the spa economical and easy to use year-round.”

Before buying a spa, make sure to take the “wet-test.” Spend time in the water filled model. (Tradewinds will even stay open after normal business hours to give shy customers more privacy.)

“That’s important in making a selection,” says Wingfield. “Experiencing the various sizes, shapes, seating arrangements, how the plumbing and jetting locations relate to comfort.”

Selected models include lounge seating that allows the user to completely recline. Certain models also come with an “arm chair” containing jets at the hand and wrist, providing a kind of massage for people with carpal tunnel problems.

“Portable” spas are the most popular with Tradewinds customers.

“That doesn’t mean you can just pick up and move them around,” says Wingfield. “But it does mean that necessary plumbing and electric components are self-contained. So basically they stay in one place and are permanent, but you can take them if your move to a new home.”

Tradewinds offers spas ranging in price from $3000 upward to $12,000.

“Spas make a chic hideaway in your own backyard,” Wingfield says. “It’s like having a year-round vacation, a bit of a tropical retreat.”

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