20 Minutes in a Hot Tub Can Help Transform Mind, Body and Spirit

There are substantial benefits associated with warm water immersion in your Caldera Spas hot tub. Just 20 minutes a day can change your outlook on life. It gives you time to reflect, to deeply relax and to calm your thoughts.

The transformative effects of warm water have been used for centuries, and through the careful design and engineering by Caldera, the hot tub experience delivers more than ever before. According to the textbook Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy by industry experts Dr. Bruce Becker and Dr. Andrew Cole, immersion in warm water is a “unique healing environment” that can lead to temporary relief from muscle aches and pains. The water’s buoyancy reduces stress on joints and muscles. Warm water massage increases circulation, relaxes muscles, ligaments and tendons and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever.

Roughly 60 million Americans suffer sleep disorders. For many, the 20 minute hot tub experience promotes better and deeper sleep. A hot tub experience can help relax you and prepare your body for sleep. As you soak in your Caldera hot tub, your body temperature increases. After you leave the hot tub, your body’s temperature begins to decrease and normalize. That more dramatic drop in core temperature signals your brain that it’s time to sleep. That body temperature mechanism can be enhanced by keeping your bedroom cool. The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 60 and 67 degrees, and recommends keeping the room free from noise and other distractions.

And don’t forget one of the greatest benefits of the hot tub experience. When you share it with others, it is a dedicated time to foster honest and heartfelt communications between you and family members and friends without distraction. In the fast paced and demanding world we live in, that dedicated time with those you care about, can be the best part of the day.

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